Knowledge base

Accommodation Set Up (6)

Room types, rate types, package deals, add-ons, and upsell.

Account Settings (6)

Account setup, login settings, passwords, booking engine and connectivity.

Booking Engine (5)

Setup, languages, room photos, discount codes and website management.

Channel Manager (1)

OTAs, channel management, rate management, inventory, and checklists

Implementations (3)

FAQs, gettting started, webinars, checklists, help articles.

RaccoonPay (3)

Setup, payments, payouts, billing settings, VCCs, and card machines.

Rates & Availability (2)

Rates manager, restrictions, Yield, RaccoonRev, and channel connections.

Reports (3)

Performance, financial, upsell, tax, and RaccoonRev.

Reservation Management (4)

Reservations, calendar, bookers & guests, RaccoonHousekeeping, and payments

Finance (2)

Accounting connectivity, cash drawer, billing, ledgers, and VAT.

Browser (2)

GA tracking, Facebook tracking, and caching