Credit Card Preauthorisation - Frequently Asked Questions

Modified on Wed, 29 May at 10:43 AM

What is a credit card preauthorisation?

A credit card preauthorisation is a temporary hold on a specified amount of funds on a customer's credit card, ensuring the availability of funds for a future transaction.

How long does a preauthorisation last?

The duration of a preauthorisation hold can vary, but it typically lasts between 3 and 7 days, expiring automatically after this period. This duration can vary depending on the card issuer's policies and the type of transaction, and RoomRaccoon has no influence on it.

Can a preauthorisation amount be changed or cancelled?

No, the amount of a preauthorisation cannot be changed nor cancelled once it has been placed. The original preauthorisation must expire first so a new one can be initiated.

Does a preauthorisation charge the customer's card?

No, a preauthorisation does not charge the card, meaning it is not a completed transaction. It merely places a hold on the funds. The actual charge occurs if you perform a Cardholder-not-present (CNP) charge.

Do preauthorisations affect the cardholder’s available balance?

Yes, the preauthorisation amount is deducted from the cardholder’s available credit or funds, reducing their available balance until it expires.

What is the maximum amount that can be preauthorised?

You can only preauthorise an amount up to the total due. If there is no amount due, preauthorisations cannot be made.

Are there fees associated with preauthorisations?

No, RaccoonPay preauthorisations do not incur in any fees because there is not a complete transaction. 

How to make a preauthorisation?

  1. First, you must make sure that the booker has a credit card available on its profile and and email filled in.
  2. On the bottom right in the reservation, click on the Preauthorisation tab.
  3. Insert the amount you wish to preauthorise and click on the green button "Preauthorise Credit Card".
  4. The preauthorised amount will be displayed under the payment section in orange, with the possibility to Capture the amount on hold until it expires.

What happens if the amount to charge differs from the preauthorised amount?

  1. If the amount to charge is higher than the preauthorised amount, you can Capture the preauthorised and then charge the remaining amount on the Credit Card Charge tab.
  2. If the amount to charge is lower than the preauthorised amount, you should not capture it. Instead, you can proceed to charge on the Credit Card Charge tab or send a payment request so that the guest can make the payment.

Is it possible to preauthorise debit cards?

No, only credit cards can also be preauthorised. If you try to preauthorise a debit card, it will perform a direct charge in the guest's card.

Why do preauthorisations sometimes fail?

Preauthorisations can fail due to insufficient funds, expired cards, incorrect card details, or the card issuer's security policies.

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