How to dispute a chargeback?

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What information must you provide to dispute any chargeback?

  • cancellation & payment conditions, terms & conditions received by the guest

  • communications with the guest proving he was aware of the conditions

  • screenshot of the reservation information and conditions from the external booking channel (OTA) 

  • guest's signature accepting the conditions

  • booking confirmation stating conditions

  • any other information that may be relevant in the chargeback dispute

The information/explanation must be provided in English (a mandatory requirement for disputes) - even if it includes images with the non-English information -, so you can use an online translator if necessary.

How to dispute a chargeback with the RaccoonPay 2.0 version?

With the newest and most improved version of RaccoonPay, you can view and dispute all your chargebacks directly in your RoomRaccoon account.

  1. Go to Payments Module

  2. Go to tab Disputes & Chargebacks

  3. Click the status button Notification of Chargeback

  4. Select a defence reason for your chargeback from the dropdown.

  5. Upload your defence document. Please note that defence documents need to meet the following requirements:

    1. All your dispute documents need to be compiled into a single file.

    2. Acceptable document formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF.

    3. Preferred original document size: A4 or US Letter.

    4. The maximum file size for PDFs is 2MB; JPG and TIFF files can be up to 10MB.

  6. Select No’ from the  ‘Finalise Defence Documents’, if you would like to keep this chargeback defence in draft mode.

  7. Select ‘Yes’ from the ‘Finalise Defence Documents’ dropdown if you would like to finalise and submit your defence for this chargeback.

  8. Click ‘Save’ to save and/or submit your chargeback defence.

    1. Once you have submitted a defence for your chargeback, the status will change to “Pending”. The status of the chargeback will update to “Defended” if you win the chargeback, and “Lost” if you lose the dispute.

    2. Chargebacks with the status of “Undefended’ indicates that you have missed the deadline to submit a defence, and you may no longer submit one.

  9. By clicking on any of the statuses in the dashboard, you will be able to view further information on the chargeback.

Understanding chargeback process status: 

  • Pending: marked in orange, indicating ongoing review.

  • Lost: displayed in red, signifying a lost dispute.

  • Undefended: shown in grey, indicating no defence was submitted.

  • Defended: coloured green, representing a successfully defended chargeback.

  • Notification of Chargeback: outlined in grey, indicating an open chargeback, ready to be defended.

How to dispute a chargeback with the old RaccoonPay version?

For chargebacks relating to payments processed by the payment provider of the old version of RaccoonPay, you will receive an automatic notification via email. You have 16 days to dispute the chargeback, otherwise it will be considered lost.

RoomRaccoon is not an intermediary in this process, so you must send the defence material directly to the payment provider:


Attention: Merchant Accounting Team

Your merchant reference: for example, rr-DEMO-example-hotel-nl or rr-DEMO-example-hotel-3ds-nl (sample only) - the document attached to the notification for this information.

Phone contact: +31(0)20 660 31 10

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