Closing Daily Revenue FAQs

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb at 1:47 PM

Is it possible to add payments to days that have already been closed?

No, payments can only be added to past days until the day that has been closed. If you wish to add a discount or a surcharge to a booking with partial or full revenue closure, the discount will be applied to the days of the reservation that are open, and the surcharge will be registered for the day that you apply the surcharge.

Am I closing a day or a period?

When closing a day, all days in the system up to that day are closed. You cannot close period, only individual days. All reservations that fall into that “day” closed will be affected by the closure (partially or fully), meaning that you cannot add/change the revenue for this day. This is why the functionality is closing “daily” revenue.

Can I move a booking to another room after a day has been closed?

No, both drag & drop and switching rooms in the reservation detail screen are disabled once a day in the booking has been closed.

Does the accrual-based accounting work with our accounting connections?

The accounting connections still operate on an invoice or cashbook basis. Revenue per day is not pushed to the accounting systems until invoiced.

Can I undo the closing of a day?

No, once a day is closed, it cannot be reopened or undone.

How does RoomRaccoon handle POS revenue after midnight?

RoomRaccoon features a customizable setting, accessible through your account settings, that allows you to define the cutoff time for POS revenue allocation for each day. The revenue recorded after this specified time will be attributed to the following day. This setting is applicable across all POS systems integrated with RoomRaccoon, ensuring consistency regardless of the POS provider (assuming the provider is part of RoomRaccoon’s marketplace). To access and adjust this setting, navigate to the 'Settings' section of your RoomRaccoon account. Please note that this option is only visible and applicable if you have a POS system connected.

Is it possible to change the rate plan after one or more days have been closed?

No, rate plan changes are not allowed once any day of the booking has been closed.

Can I overwrite city tax after one or more days have been closed?

No, city tax overwriting is not possible once one or more days have been closed, as this tax is calculated daily by the system.

How can I see which day the account has been closed in a reservation?

In a multi-day reservation, closed days are visually indicated in the add-ons and discount fields. Tooltips and guidance are provided to explain any unavailable functionalities. Access the Closing Daily Revenue Dashboard by clicking on Reports [Module]>Daily Revenue [Tab] >Daily Revenue [Dashboard tab] to see days closed and ‘due to be closed’ days.

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