RoomRaccoon Release 24.1

Modified on Tue, 23 Jan at 2:46 PM

Welcome to 2024 with RoomRaccoon and the 24.1 Release! Read on to learn more about these exciting innovations and discover a multitude of enhancements that will make your day-to-day operations easier.

New Functionalities

Child Policies

This functionality enables you to create multiple child policies, specifying details such as city taxes and surcharge amounts, and assign your policies to specific room categories. You can create scheduled policies to run concurrently to accommodate seasonal changes in surcharges and city taxes. With the introduction of child policies, guests can also book seamlessly through an improved booking engine with enhanced search criteria, accounting for adults and children.

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Closing Daily Revenue | Premium & Enterprise

RoomRaccoon is integrating accrual-based accounting into the system to enable precise revenue tracking on the day it's generated or consumed, rather than invoiced. Closing Daily Revenue improves daily financial reporting and revenue analysis. The new 'Daily Revenue' tab enables you to close revenue up to a specific day, ensuring accurate, unchangeable financial data.

With this brand-new functionality, you will also have access to insightful daily revenue reports and detailed management reports for each closed day.

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2-Factor Authentication for Secure Logins

RoomRaccoon has enhanced its login security for you and your team by integrating a 2-factor Authentication (2FA) process using any authenticator mobile app. This additional security measure is optional and can be activated via the settings tab for your various login accounts. This enhancement ensures a safer and more secure access experience.

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Booking Engine Enhancements

The release of Child Policy brings a suite of exciting enhancements to the RoomRaccoon booking engine! Now, guests have the flexibility to search for availability specifically by the number of adults and children, with age categories included. This refinement ensures that search results are tailored to the guests' exact occupancy needs, providing a more personalized experience by displaying only the rate packages that match their criteria.

Additionally, we've enhanced the online guest booking journey on the RoomRaccoon booking engine. Our updates to the booking engine make it quick and easy for potential guests to apply discounts directly within the search bar, streamlining the reservation process.

Booking Engine E-commerce Tracking | Premium & Enterprise

Enhance your advanced e-commerce event tracking by integrating Google Tag Manager with your booking engine. This integration allows you to track various guest actions through Google Tag Manager, such as:

  • Searching for availability

  • Adding or removing items, like add-ons, from the checkout cart

  • Initiating checkout

  • Logging in as a guest or travel agent

  • Entering payment details

  • Completing bookings

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Discounting and Adding a Surcharge to a Reservation

We are excited to announce the enhancement of the feature that allows you to apply discounts or surcharges to bookings, even when the daily revenue has been fully or partially closed for reservations. 

This feature is designed to give you more control and flexibility over discounting and surcharging, ensuring that you can respond effectively to various booking scenarios. Whether discounting prices for promotional purposes or addressing unique booking situations, this tool will simplify your management process.

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Email Communication Enhancement with Airbnb

To align with Airbnb's updated policies and ensure hassle-free integration, we've innovated our system to work seamlessly with Airbnb's messaging portal. With this update, you can continue to send essential automated documents like booking confirmations and cancellation documents directly to your guests via Airbnb’s platform.

Please note:  If you've customized your automated documents with HTML or created custom documents, these will not be transmitted to guests booking via Airbnb.

For those who connected with Airbnb before December 21, 2023, a simple re-connection is required to activate this updated email functionality. Just disconnect and then reconnect your Airbnb account in the RoomRaccoon Marketplace to enjoy uninterrupted email automation services.

Enhanced Food & Beverage List Management

We've upgraded our Food & Beverage List (F&B List) system to immediately display add-ons on the day they are chosen. When a reservation is made through your booking engine, any add-ons that are part of the rate plan will automatically appear on the F&B list for their scheduled day of use. Additionally, for add-ons that are not included in the rate plan but are enabled for display on the F&B list, you have the flexibility to manually add them to a reservation. You can also specify the exact date when these manual add-ons should be visible on the F&B list. 

Derived Base Rate Dropdown in the Channel Manager

We've introduced an intuitive display for rate management to enhance your channel manager's usability. Now, you can view a comprehensive breakdown of your primary rates for each room category, presented as base rates. Accompanying each base rate is a convenient dropdown menu. This menu displays the derived rates for each room category, allowing for quick comparisons and adjustments. For instance, if your base rate applies to a single occupant, expanding the dropdown will display the tailored rates for two, three, four, or more occupants. 

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