RoomRaccoon Release 23.6

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 11:38 AM

We are thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited release of RoomRaccoon's latest features, set to take your guest experience to a new dimension!

New Features


Booking Proposal


The Booking Proposal transforms guest inquiries into secured reservations for hotels. This feature allows you to create and send customised booking proposals with expirations to guests, which seamlessly integrate with booking confirmations and advanced payments as required.


When guests confirm the proposal through email, they are directed to a secure payment portal to finalise their reservation with a prepayment. This process automatically changes the reservation status from "Provisional" to "Confirmed" following the guest's confirmation and payment, streamlining the reservation process.



Enhanced Add-on Management for Revenue Reporting


With the renewed add-on functionality, the RoomRaccoon system now books revenue on specific days, significantly improving the accuracy of your revenue reports. This update includes:

  • A user-friendly interface that simplifies date selection for add-ons in the reservation card.
  • Advanced tracking of add-ons in the Food and Beverage (F&B) list.
  • More precise revenue tracking in both Detailed and Daily reports.



Merge Bookers


The Merge Booker functionality is designed to streamline the management of booker information. This enables you to unify duplicate booker profiles, which may have been created over time due to repeat visits or input errors, into a single, comprehensive profile. The functionality affords flexibility, offering the option to merge complete profiles or to selectively combine specific fields and sections of profiles. 


Assign check-in times per room for group bookings


Enhance arrival time flexibility for group bookings, by enabling guests to set individual ETAs per room in their reservation. Guests can select their ETA during online check-in per room, empowering them and group bookers to tailor their arrival times. 


Liability Dashboard for Chargebacks

Exclusive to European, Canadian and American markets. 

If you receive a chargeback, you will be able to access a dashboard to monitor, manage and dispute any incoming chargeback. You may upload a dispute document (PDF) and monitor the status of pending, lost, undefended and defended chargebacks. You can find this dashboard in the ‘Payments’ Module, under the tab “Disputes & Chargebacks.” 




Improved Revenue Reports


We've enhanced the Revenue Reports by adding and changing selected columns to improve precision, facilitate accurate reporting, and enhance effective revenue tracking.

  1. We have changed “Total Revenue” to  “Gross” in the Revenue Summary Report.
    This is your total transactions including VAT.
  2. We’ve changed “Revenue” to “Net” in the Revenue Summary Report. This is your total transactions excluding VAT.
  3. We’ve added “Grey Room” as an additional column in Summary Revenue Reports, Detailed & Daily Revenue Reports. This is your total transaction revenue excluding VAT that is invoiced through your grey room(s).
  4. We’ve added “TrevPAR” as an additional column in the Revenue Summary Report and the Detailed & Daily Revenue Report. This is your Net Revenue divided by your total rooms (excluding Grey Rooms).

Please Note: Grey room revenue will not be added or included in your Net or Gross revenue.

Improving the calendar speed for hoteliers with 75+ rooms


We have made significant enhancements to our Calendar view, improving the speed of the system for hotels with 75 rooms or more.

  1. Default View Change: Your calendar will now default to a '1 Week' view instead of a month, optimizing loading speed and efficiency.

  2. Flexible Viewing Options: Adjacent to the date picker, a new selection dropdown has been added, allowing you to easily switch between 1 week, 2 weeks, and a month view.

  3. Enhanced '1 Week' View: In this mode, the slider is disabled and set to the largest size for an expanded view.

  4. Streamlined Calendar Views: To increase the speed of the calendar by 75%, the two alternative calendar views (Vertical View & Compact View) have been disabled, and their options will be hidden from view.

Time-Sensitive Viewing:

  • Before 11 AM (In your time zone): The calendar will now default to 'Today's Check-outs' for a quick view of the day's departures.

  • After 11 AM (In your time zone): It will switch to 'Today's Check-ins', providing a timely view of incoming guests.

Please note: You can change these filters back to ‘All reservations’ by selecting the filter above the calendar.

General Updates

Exclusive to European, Canadian and American markets.


RaccoonPay Self-Onboarding


We have enhanced the RaccoonPay onboarding process to facilitate a complete self-onboarding user flow. You will now be able to activate and set up RaccoonPay for your hotel payment transactions without assistance. 

To begin using RaccoonPay, please proceed to the Payments module. There, you'll find an ‘Activate’ button—simply click it and adhere to the on-screen prompts. After your details are fully verified, your RaccoonPay service will be activated. To facilitate a smooth approval process, please remember to monitor the status of your application periodically, especially within the first 8 hours, to confirm that all your details are correct and verified.


Interchange ++ transaction rate available to all markets


We will now be extending the offer of Interchange ++ to all markets. Customers can request a selection of blended or interchange payment transaction rates. 


Cardholder Not Present (CNP) Transactions: Increasing Measures Against Chargeback Risks


Cardholder-not-present transactions ("CNP") occur without a verification process for the transaction. Typically in RoomRaccoon, this would manually charge a stored credit card from a reservation. CNP transactions carry a higher risk of fraud. This can lead to chargebacks, which are very difficult to defend in the case of a CNP transaction, meaning lost revenue and additional costs for your hotel. Many payment providers charge more for CNP transactions due to the risks mentioned. Consequently, with effect from 5 December, we will be adding a surcharge to CNP transactions of 0.2%. 


Please note that the majority of our hoteliers do not process CNP transactions. We always encourage our hoteliers to use 3D Secure payment methods like our Booking Engine, online check-in, online check-out, payment requests and virtual credit cards. All 3D Secure payments are unaffected by the aforementioned surcharge. 



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