24.3 RoomRaccoon Release

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24.3 RoomRaccoon Release Note - 14 May 20244

In case you missed it…

Exciting news – RoomRaccoon's Deposits reports are now available for Premium and Enterprise who have joined the Focus Group! Missed your invite? Read below to learn about Deposits and sign up for exclusive access.


General Enhancements

Default Minimum Stay Setting in Booking Engine

We've introduced a new setting in the Booking Engine module, "Booking Engine Minimum Initial Book Days," to enhance the initial guest experience on our booking engine. Previously, guests were met with an error message due to default settings that did not match properties’ minimum stay requirements. Now, you can customise your own default minimum number of nights for the initial display, ensuring the booking engine accurately reflects availability without immediate errors. This update streamlines the booking process and improves guests' first impressions.

Enhanced Pricing Display for Guests: Inclusive of City Tax and Add-Ons on the Booking Engine

You can now select a tickbox for your booking engine to show guests the total price upfront, including city tax and add-ons. This tickbox is available in the City Tax section of your Booking Engine module in the RoomRaccoon system. This new setting ensures that guests know the full cost of their booking before reaching the checkout summary. However, be cautious if you use the Raccoon Price Checker, as this tool shows only the base room price. Activating this new feature might cause discrepancies between the price shown on the Price Checker and the booking engine, potentially confusing guests.

Updated Multi-Language Document Criteria

We've updated the Documents Module to function independently of the Booking Engine's language settings. Previously, documents were sent in the guest's booking language, requiring hoteliers to support all languages. Now, Documents are sent based on availability per language in the Documents Module. Guests receive documents in their chosen language if available, otherwise in the default language set in your account settings. You can also delete documents in languages you no longer support, ensuring guests booking in unsupported languages receive documents in your fallback language.

Learn more.

Customisable Accommodation Naming in Booking Engine Settings

In the Booking Engine, we've introduced two customisable fields. These allow you to tailor the naming conventions of your accommodations to better reflect the unique offerings of your property. Whether you manage a boutique hotel offering rooms, a multi-property apartment complex with "units," or a hostel featuring "beds," you can now specify both singular and plural terms for the spaces you're selling to guests through your booking engine.

We've Streamlined the Add-on flow in the Reservation Card

RoomRaccoon has optimised the add-on process, allowing you to add and save add-ons with just one click. Check out this update by adding an add-on to an existing reservation, then selecting "Add & Save".

Explore New Features with a Sandbox Account

Interested in testing new functionalities without affecting your existing setup? Request a sandbox account from your Customer Success Manager. This dedicated testing environment lets you experiment with the latest features, explore potential upgrades, and evaluate premium or enterprise options you've been considering—all at your own pace and with complete freedom.

RaccoonPay Enhancements

Additional Column Added for Payment Status Indicator 

We've added a new "Payment Status" column to your RaccoonPay 2.0 dashboard, in the Payments Module. This column will show whether your payment has been settled, indicating the funds have been transferred from the payment service provider to your account. Unchecked payments signify that while payment has been made, it has not yet been settled in your account. For transactions that are logged as cancelled, no checkbox will appear for that transaction item and the item will be greyed out. 

Note: Not available in all markets. This is an enhancement for RaccoonPay 2.0.

RaccoonPay VCC Enhancement: Adding Transaction Statuses

A new column now displays the status of your VCC charges, distinguishing between manual charges and automatic charges. The statuses are defined as follows:

Charged: Initiated by the user.
Auto Charged: Automatically processed by the system.
Cancelled: Transaction failed.
Pending: Awaiting processing.


NEW: Availability Report

This new downloadable report now offers a monthly overview by room category, showing daily occupancy percentages for each category. It provides valuable insights into room utilisation. To find this report, navigate to the Report Module > Revenue tab > scroll down to Key Metric Report Section, and select this report to export.

NEW: Rooms for Sale Report

This new report, accessible on demand, details the number of rooms available each day and each month. It effectively tracks rooms that are for sale, sold, and currently occupied, helping you manage your inventory more efficiently. To find this report, navigate to the Report Module > Revenue tab > scroll down to Key Metric Report Section, and select this report to export.

NEW: Availability Comparison Report

This innovative report is designed specifically for revenue managers and hoteliers looking to make strategic pricing adjustments based on their availability data. In the past, you might have compared availability by printing out data from different days. Now, with this new report, you can effortlessly compare day-to-day availability across different room types by simply downloading the report. This tool streamlines the process, making it easier and more efficient to analyse trends and make informed decisions. To find this report, navigate to the Report Module > Revenue tab > scroll down to Key Metric Report Section, and select this report to export.

Management Report Enhancement

We've enhanced our daily revenue closure feature to include deposits and in-house revenue in the Management Report. This update provides you with a comprehensive overview of accepted deposits, payments, refunds, and in-house revenue, ensuring a more detailed and holistic financial snapshot up to the closure date. This improvement empowers you with all the essential data for better-informed decision-making in your hotel.

Police Compliance Report for Tessin, Switzerland

We now provide an XLS (CSV) export for hoteliers in the Tessin region who are required to submit daily guest data reports to the local police. The export is accessible via the Performance Reports tab located in the "Reports" module of the RoomRaccoon system.

If you would like to activate this report for your account, reach out to a Customer Success Manager to activate this for your property.

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