RaccoonPay Dashboard Overview

Modified on Thu, 6 Jun at 10:54 AM

With RoomRaccoon's integrated payment system active in your account, you have a dedicated dashboard where you can see all the payments made using RaccoonPay and more.

Where can I see the payments charged with RaccoonPay?

When you access the Payments module, you'll be redirected to the RaccoonPay tab and it's here that you'll have an overview of the payments by section:


Payout schedule: the frequency with which you will be paid by bank transfer for fully processed transactions. To find out more about Payouts, click here.

Next payoutthe date of the next payout.

Balance: the amount you stand to receive in the next payout.

Card machine payment

Section where you can send the amount to be collected via the payment terminal, without linking it directly to a reservation. To know more about taking payments with a card machine, click here.

Amounts per day

A graph with an overview of the payment volume over the last 7 days.

Paid by method

The representation of each payment method of transactions made in the last 30 days.

List of transactions made and the corresponding information:

  • Card brand 
  • Amount charged
  • Payment method 
  • Payment status 
    • Pre-authorised: the amount is pre-authorised and ready to be charged
    • Refund: a successfully refunded amount
    • Paid: successful transaction
    • Pending: the success of the charge has not yet been confirmed and is pending. This can then be updated to paid or cancelled, depending on the outcome
    • Cancelled: the transactions has been cancelled. You can open the transaction to see the error message
    • Error: the transaction failed. You can open the transaction to see the error message
    • Chargeback: a transaction dispute lost, where the cardholder asked for the money back
  • Reservation number associated to the charge
  • Status of respective payout
  • Transaction date

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