How Can the Payment Not Be Paid Out After Two Weeks?

Modified on Thu, 20 Apr, 2023 at 3:40 PM

When a payout was expected for a few weeks already, there are a few reasons why your payout is not happening.

Payouts happen on a preferred schedule, based on processed and captured payments, but also processed refunds and the status of your account have an influence on whether your payout will happen on that day. Mind that a 'missing' payout does not always mean that something is wrong. However, if you processed payments for a few weeks already and nothing was paid out, something might be wrong.

Reasons for 'missing' payouts, or specific missing payments

There is a negative balance on your account due to multiple processed refunds and no new payments.

  1. Processed refunds negatively influence the balance on your account.

  1. RaccoonPay chooses to rather pay out only with a positive balance than charge directly for refunds.

  1. Refunds are often not on top of your RaccoonPay dashboard, so check all of your payments if you're missing a payout.

Everything should be correctly set up, but payments were not captured

  1. RaccoonPay works with automatic captures. This is to make sure that after every night, the money was captured from the booker's bank account.

  1. If transactions are not captured, the payment won't be available.

  1. Normally, RaccoonPay always sets this up properly.

Payouts are coming in, but I'm missing (a) specific payment(s)

  • Considerable high amounts of transactions have a higher risk assessment than other payments. It takes longer to process these credit card payments.

  • A payment was successfully authorised, but due to possible fraudulent activity or the processing time of a specific bank, it might take longer for the payout.

  • If you only receive credit card (3D Secure) payments or regular credit card payments. you should reach out to the support team of RoomRaccoon.

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