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RoomRaccoon allows you to set up documents and auto-send them when guests take action on their reservations such as booking confirmations, payments and cancellations. There are a number of documents which you can set up in your account settings.

Booking Confirmation

This is the email that can be sent to the guests with their reservation confirmation details to inform your guests that their reservation is confirmed including the information you find relevant for them to know.

Click here for more on the booking confirmation.

Cancellation confirmation

This is the email that guests receive to confirm their cancellation. This email will inform the guest that the cancellation has been processed and can be accompanied by any other relevant information you want them to know.

Click here for more on the booking cancellation document.

Booking confirmation for returning guests

This will send an email document with the reservation confirmation when the system recognises that this is a returning guest via their email. If this document is configured, the initial booking confirmation email will not be sent so that the guest can receive the personalised confirmation document.

For more on the booking confirmation for returning guests, click here.


This is the email sent to the guest before their arrival with all relevant booking details and in this document you can link the online check-in. The document can be configured to be sent a specific number of days before the guest arrives.

Click here for more on the pre-stay document.


This is the email sent to the guests a few days after their stay, providing follow-up communication with your guest after their stay at your property. Add a discount code here for your guests to encourage returning bookers directly on your booking engine.

Click here for more on the post-stay document.

Payment Requests

The payment request is an email that can be sent to guests requesting payment for a due amount on their reservation. With a PSP (payment service provider) you can request guests to make online payments on a partial or full amount.

Click here for more on the payment request document.

Payment confirmation

This is the email that is automatically sent out to the guests who’ve made payments using the payment link of the payment request document to confirm that the payment was successfully processed.

Click here for more on the payment confirmation.

Payment Reminder

The payment reminder is an email you can send to guests to remind them of outstanding amounts from their invoices to be paid. The payment reminder includes a payment link guests can use to pay with their credit card.

Click here for more on the payment reminder.

Check-in confirmation

This email will be sent to guests as soon as they complete the online check-in form. This document will also be sent to the hotelier.

Click here for more on the check-in confirmation.

Guest registration

This is the form with the guest's registration details. This form can be printed for the guest to sign during the check-in or it can be saved on your hard drive.

Click here for more on the guest registration.

Invoice email

This is the email you can send guests with their invoice or proforma invoice.

Click here for more on the invoice email.

Custom Documents

Custom documents are emails you send your guest with additional information or good to know such as big events happening or promotions you might be having.

Click here for more on custom documents.

Good to know

  • Click here for more on when documents are sent automatically.

  • Changes to the document or creating a new document can only be done by the manager or by a team member with manager access.

  • There are document tags you can use for custom documents which will display different data sets in your documents such as guests' details, reservation details, dates and prices. Click here for more on what the document tags do.

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