Virtual Credit Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

Modified on Thu, 06 Jun 2024 at 05:45 PM

What is needed to charge a VCC via RoomRaccoon?

Your booking channels (i.e., Expedia, etc) must include the VCC details in the reservation information they are sending to RoomRaccoon. If this is not yet happening, please contact your booking channels directly and ask for this.

How are the VCCs charged in RoomRaccoon?

VCCs are automatically charged with RaccoonPay on the VCC activation date from 01h00 UTC. The charge will reflect as a payment in the reservation.

What is the VCC activation date?

Each booking channel sets its own activation date rule. These are the general rules:


Day of departure


Day of departure - it depends on the cancellation policy:

  • Non-refundable reservations: on the day the reservation is made
  • Partially refundable reservations: on the day the reservations become 90% non-refundable
  • All other reservations: on the check-in date

If you have any further questions about the activation date, please reach out to your booking channels directly.

How can I know when is the activation date in RoomRaccoon?

Reservation OTA Remarks 

Reservation timeline

Where can I manage VCC charges?

You have the dedicated Virtual credit Cards tab in the Payments module. 

By filtering by date, you will see which VCCs are being activated on the selected date, and:

  • To which reservation it belongs to
  • Currency
  • VCC last digits
  • Expiration date
  • If there is any amount pending to be charged
  • VCC original balance
  • Booking channel
  • Date added to the system

What do the statuses mean?


Virtual Credit Card charge is pending to be confirmed. If it takes more than 24 hours, it may mean it has not been successful.


Virtual Credit Card has been successfully charged manually.

Auto Charge

Virtual Credit Card has been successfully charged automatically by RaccoonPay on its activation date.


Virtual Credit Card has been cancelled, or its tokenization has failed, making automatic charging impossible.

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