RaccoonPay Refunds - Frequently Asked Questions

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When can refunds be made?

Refunds can only take place 24 hours after the payment has been confirmed and until 6 months from the payment date.

What amount can be refunded?

You decide whether you want to make a full refund or a partial amount. The limit is the payment amount.

If you are performing a partial refund, you must click on the refund button only once, otherwise you will be giving the order to refund multiple times until you reach the payment amount.

To where can a refund be made?

You can only refund back to the charged card, it is not possible to issue a refund to a different one.

How long does it take for the guest to receive the refund?

A refund is a normal transaction just like a payment, meaning it will take a few business days (usually 2-5 days) until the guests receive it in their bank account. This will always depend on the day of the week, type of card, country, etc.

Can I refund a card machine payment?

Yes, you can refund card machine payments with RaccoonPay 2.0 from the system. This is valid for transactions taken after June 3rd, 2024. For transactions made before this date, you must reach out to our Customer Support team.

Can I refund a payment not processed via RaccoonPay?

No, you can only make refunds for payments processed through RaccoonPay.

Can I refund a payment charged with the old version of RaccoonPay if version 2.0 is already active?

No, because the payment service provider in RaccoonPay 2.0 is different from the old version. When you try to make the refund, you will get the error "Failed to initiate refund". In this case, you should contact our support team, indicating the reservation number and the amount to be refunded so that we can force the refund directly with the payment provider. 

Depending on the type of payment you are refunding, it may be required to get additional information about the cardholder, such as full name, address and IBAN associated to the card.

Is there a limit to the amount or number of refunds I can do?

You can only refund a specific payment up to the amount charged. You can do as many refunds as you need. You must be aware that this has an impact in your payout amount.

How do refunds affect my payouts?

You have a balance account to which payments are added and, after deducting the respective fees, you are paid out weekly on Wednesdays. Any amount refunded will then be deducted from that balance account. 

In the event that the amount of the refund(s) is greater than the payments you have to receive, you will be left with a negative balance. This means that you will have nothing to receive at the next payout. For example, you have 100€ to be paid out, but you make refunds that total 150€. This leaves you with a negative balance of -50€, therefore nothing to receive.

How can I cancel a refund request I have made in by mistake?

It is not possible to cancel a refund. This action is definite.

How will I know when a refund has been successfully processed?

The payment status in RaccoonPay tab will change from “paid” to “refunded”. This refund will also be reflected in the respective reservation.

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