What is a RoomRaccoon "sandbox"?

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What is a Sandbox?

A RoomRaccoon "sandbox" is a separate environment where you can experiment, test, and learn about our software without affecting your live production environment. This dedicated space allows you to safely explore new features, configurations, and setups, ensuring you understand the full capabilities of RoomRaccoon without any risk to your actual data or operations.

How to Request a Sandbox

To request access to a RoomRaccoon sandbox, simply contact our customer support team. Our team will create your sandbox account and guide your through accessing for the first time.

Accessing Your Sandbox

NOTE: This account will be on a Premium plan, with all upgrades available, giving you the freedom to test and experiment with every feature RoomRaccoon offers.

Practical Examples of Using a Sandbox

Here are some practical scenarios where a sandbox can be incredibly beneficial:

  1. Testing New Features:

    • Before rolling out new features to your entire team, use the sandbox to understand how they work and how they might impact your workflows.
  2. Training New Employees:

    • A sandbox provides a risk-free space for new hires to learn the software.
    • Example: Allowing new staff to practice booking management and reporting without fear of making mistakes in the live environment.
  3. Experimenting with Configurations:

    • Freely experiment with different configurations and setups to find the most efficient way to use RoomRaccoon.
    • Example: Trying out various pricing models and room configurations to see which works best for your property.
  4. Replicating Issues for Support:

    • When encountering issues, replicating them in the sandbox helps diagnose and fix problems without disrupting your live operations.
    • Example: If there's a problem issuing an invoice, you can create multiple invoices in the sandbox without it impacting your reports or accounting.

By offering a sandbox environment, RoomRaccoon ensures that you can make the most of our software in a secure, risk-free manner. Whether you're testing new features, training staff, or troubleshooting issues, the sandbox is an invaluable tool for maximising your efficiency and effectiveness with RoomRaccoon.

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