All About the Accounting Dashboard

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What is the accounting dashboard and where can I find this in RoomRaccoon?

The accounting dashboard can be found on the right-hand side of the PMS and this will allow you to see how the accounting connection works. The screen will also show what has been pushed in terms of:

  • Tax Invoice

  • Revenue

  • Payments

  • Errors

  • In Queue: This shows you current and all future payments that are waiting to be sent from RoomRaccoon to Xero. Please note, all future deposits will be in this Queue, so this number can be extremely high if you have a lot of prepayments within RoomRaccoon.

  • Send & Balanced: This is the number of successful revenue lines and payments that have been pushed from RoomRaccoon to Xero.

  • Failed to Send: These are the current revenue lines or payments that are currently showing errors and need to be fixed in order to successfully push from RoomRaccoon to Xero. Please see Xero Accounting Dashboard Errors (Link) to find out what these errors mean.

You can also filter what you would like to see on the accounting dashboard.

  • Filter by Date: You can view invoices and errors per month or for a specific date. Remember, revenue lines and payments are dated as per when the tax invoice was created and when RoomRaccoon pushed the invoice to Xero.

  • Filter by Payment or Revenue: You are able to view payment and revenue separately in the view.

  • Filter by Failed, Queued or Posted Successfully: In this view, you can see what items have been posted successfully or you can view all errors in the accounting dashboard.

In order to view the error, you will need to press the Sync arrows next to each line in order to see if the revenue line or payment will push. If it does not push, you will then receive the error and will need to fix it.

  • If you click on the red question mark you will get more information from Xero why the push was unsuccessful.

General Accounting Dashboard Information

This screen will show what accounting software you are connected to, in this case, the Xero logo will show. This screen will also show you the following information:

  • Active Since: This is when you first signed up for a Xero connection,

  • Synchronised From: This would be the last time you did an authorisation for RoomRaccoon to access Xero accounting software.

  • Fully Synchronised: This will not show a date due to errors in the account dashboard which means RoomRaccoon has not been fully synced. Once the errors have been cleared, a date will appear.

  • Next Synchronisation: This will tell you when the next push will be done from RoomRaccoon to Xero. This normally happens every 24hours between the hours of 00:00 - 07:00.

Good to know

  • The filter by Failed, Queued or Posted Successfully is a very important filter as you will need to fix these errors in order to send invoices (Revenue Lines) and payments from RoomRaccoon to Xero.

  • If you do not fix these errors, revenue or payments will not be pushed and generated in your accounting software.

  • Successful transactions are from the selected start date however failed transactions are from the date of activation.

Syncing is done every morning between 00:00 and 07:00 - If the last sync has been a few days back there must be a problem. You may reach us through our ticket centre.

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