How to Set Up Upsell

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Do you want to generate extra revenue for your business without lifting a finger? RaccoonUpsell is our automated guest service menu that engages arriving guests during online check-in with exciting ancillary services and room upgrades to enhance their stay. 

With RaccoonUpsell, you can promote and sell anything from breakfast and a bottle of wine to tours and spa treatments. Once you’ve unlocked the upgrade feature, follow the steps below to set up upsell and wow guests!

6 Steps to Set Up RaccoonUpsell

Step 1: Select Add-Ons in the My Property module

Click on the My Property module in the navigation menu on your left. Then select Add-Ons in the tabs above. Click on the + ADD-ON button to create your add-on. 

Step 2: Fill in the sections to describe your add-on. 

What does each section mean? 

? Name: Give your add-on a title, for example, Breakfast Buffet. 

Short description: Write a short but enticing description to promote your add-on.

For example: Got breakfast plans? Enjoy an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet at the Lime Restaurant from 8-10 am. 

Price: There are two fields to add a price for your add-on. 

The ‘Price’ is the standard price for your add-on that will be seen in the booking engine if you choose to activate it. The ‘Online C/I price’ is the price that will appear in the RaccoonUpsell menu during online check-in. If your ‘Online C/I price’ is lower than your standard price, it will appear as a discount.

Type: Assign the add-on to the relevant ledger account.

Upload an image: A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload a photo of your add-on to show guests what they can look forward to. It’s important to use an accurate photo to meet expectations. 

Step 3: Tick the relevant boxes. 

Next, tick the boxes that are relevant to the add-on you are creating. It’s important to note that the add-on you create can also be bookable in the booking engine and visible in different modules for relevant staff members. 

What does each box mean?

? Important: Mark an add-on as important to highlight the add-on in the Reservations so you won’t forget about it. Free add-ons such as “gluten-free” and “late-arrival” are good examples. 

? Booking Engine: Tick the booking engine box to make the add-on bookable in your booking engine. 

? Breakfast list: Tick the breakfast list so that the add-on appears in your breakfast list. This also works well for free add-ons that serve as additional information, such as “vegan” or “lactose intolerant”. 

? Housekeeping list: Tick the housekeeping list, and the add-on will appear as additional information for your housekeeping team, such as “extra towels” or “feather pillows.”

? Upsell: Tick the upsell box to activate the add-on in RaccoonUpsell when guests check-in online.

? Charge per person: Tick the box to charge the add-on per person. The price will automatically be adjusted according to the number of guests. A good example is a breakfast or massage. 

? Charge per night: Tick the box to charge the add-on per night. The price will automatically be adjusted according to the number of nights. A good example is a breakfast or baby bed.

? Charge per item: Tick the box so guests can book more than one add-on during their stay. For example, bicycles or a bottle of wine. Automatic inventory control will prevent any overbookings.

NB: Remember to save your add-on after you have ticked all relevant boxes!

Step 4: Choose add-ons and room upgrades in the Categories tab

Navigate to the Categories tab in the My Property module, choose a category and click on Manage details. 

1. Add-Ons 

In Advanced, select Add-Ons. 

Room categories may differ in size and facilities. That is why you can select which add-ons to promote by RaccoonUpsell for each room category. Tick the relevant add-ons and remember to click save. 

2. Room upgrades

In Advanced, select Upsell. 

Here you can select which room categories to promote as upgrades to guests with RaccoonUpsell during online check-in. Set a supplementary price (top-up on the initial price) for the room upgrade and write an enticing description highlighting the benefits. 

Once you’re done, remember to save the changes. 

Step 5: Activate online check-in.

Lastly, RaccoonUpsell works in conjunction with our online check-in software. Be sure to set up online check-in to activate the automated guest service menu.    

Learn how to set up online check-in here

TIP: Preview RaccoonUpsell

It’s a good idea to preview your upsell menu to ensure you’ve set up everything correctly, including your descriptions, prices and room upgrades. A quick way to preview RaccoonUpsell is to go to a reservation and click on the ‘open the online check-in’ icon in the ‘Guest details’ section.  

Step 5: Start upselling!

Once you've completed all the steps to set up RaccoonUspell, you'll be able to sit back and relax and watch your revenue increase after every completed online check-in!

An example of RaccoonUpsell presented to guests during online check-in in a desktop view. 

Good to know: RaccoonUpsell Reports

You can track upsell performance in the RaccoonUpsell module and learn which add-ons are the best sellers. This information can help you decide which add-ons to offer and how to price them.

  • View the total amount upsold and filter by date.

  • View the total amount of add-ons upsold and filter by date.

  • View the total amount of room upgrades upsold and filter by date.

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