How to Import Your Bookers and Reservations into Your RoomRaccoon PMS

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 10:33 AM

With RoomRaccoon, you can import your bookers and reservations from your previous software by sending us a filled-in Excel sheet of your reservation data. 

To import your reservations or bookers, you will need to Download the RoomRaccoon Excel import templates here: 

How to import Bookers and Reservations data

Step 1To download the template, select File Download - Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 2Copy your information and either paste or manually enter it into the fields provided in the template.

Step 3Be sure to enter all of the information correctly. The orange fields are mandatory for the import to work.

Step 4Once fully completed, submit a ticket and attach the sheet/s with the subject title: Reservations / Bookers Import.

How do I fill the file for bookers?

Email - Enter the email address here. Without an email address, a booker won't be recognised when booking through your Booking Engine.

Name - Surname

First name - First name(s)

Gender (m/f) - Enter m for male and v for female.

Company - Company name, if applicable

Telephone number


House number

House number add - Addition to the number (e.g., for 22a, enter "a" here)

Postal code


Country - Please enter the international abbreviation here for the Netherlands NL, Belgium BE, etc.


Language - Please enter the international abbreviation for Dutch NL, French FR, etc.

How do I fill in the reservation file?

Reservation NR - May only consist of numbers. No letters, no characters.

RR Room Number - Must match the room numbers in RoomRaccoon. It must consist of numbers only. The room numbers must be separated by a comma and a space for group reservations, e.g., 101, 106, 210. Please note that the number of persons entered under "occupancy" applies to each room. It is not possible to specify the number of persons per room.

Arrival Date / Last date of stay (C/0) - Please use this format: YYYY-MM-DD

Guest Name - Use first and last name.

ETA - Expected time of arrival. Please use this format: HH: MM

Remarks - Comments. Enter any information you can't use in other columns to avoid losing it, e.g., rate plan names.

Reservation Source - Enter where the reservation came from, e.g., "Direct" or "Expedia." Note: It is not necessary to include reservations from!

Booker name - Enter first and last name.

Booker email - A booker is added to this booking using this email address. Important: This booker must already be in the system. If you have not done a booker import before the reservation import, this will not work.

Reservation total price -Enter the price for the entire reservation here. Include the VAT and add-ons and exclude the tourist tax and additional add-ons such as cleaning costs or the reservation deposit. Additional costs are added automatically if set as a package excluding add-ons in the rate plans. Note: It is important to fill in the "Occupancy" column. Otherwise, this will not work. You can use a full stop or a comma to separate decimals but do not use characters to separate thousands, e.g., 1000.20 and not 1,000.20. Only use a number, not a currency sign.

Reservation paid - Indicate here how much of the total amount has already been paid. You can use a full stop or a comma to separate decimals but do not use characters to separate thousands, e.g., 1,000.20 and not 1,000.20. Use only a number, not a currency sign.

Occupancy - Enter the number of people here.

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