Correction Costs - RaccoonPay 1.0 - Frequently Asked Questions

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Which version of RaccoonPay can have correction costs?

Only the old version of RaccoonPay, known as RaccoonPay 1.0, has correction costs. RaccoonPay 2.0 does not incur any correction costs.

What is a correction cost?

Fees for European card transactions are lower than the fees for non-European cards. The payment provider of RaccoonPay 1.0 processes all transactions with the fees applicable to European cards, which means they do not deduct the correct fees initially, creating the need to make a correction later. This correction cost is simply the difference between the European card transaction cost and the correct non-European cost.

When are correction costs calculated?

Correction costs are calculated between 1 and 2 months after the transaction occurs.

How are correction costs charged?

The payment provider deducts the correction cost from the payouts.

Where can I see the correction costs?

Correction costs are included in the payout reports from which they are deducted.

Is there an invoice for correction costs?

No, there is no specific invoice for the correction costs. These costs are included in the monthly commission invoice along with other fees, considering they are just fees but processed on a later stage.

How do I know which reservations are included in the correction costs?

The payment provider does not indicate exactly which reservations are included in the correction costs. In the monthly invoice, it indicates the period of the correction costs, for example, "P4" meaning "Period 4", equivalent to April. 

You can check your card payments in the "Total Payments" tab for that period, and see which ones are European or non-European in the RaccoonPay dashboard tab.

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