What is the Deposits & In-House Summary Report?

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The Deposits and In-House Summary report, located within the 'Deposits' tab of the Reports Module in RoomRaccoon, provides a streamlined overview of your financials, bridging the gap between detailed deposit tracking and in-house revenue monitoring. This report simplifies the understanding of your hotel's financial health by combining insights from both the Deposits Reports and the In-House report. It's designed for quick assessments, offering a comprehensive snapshot of daily financial activities. The dashboard is divided into two sections: one showcasing the totals of deposits and deposits movement, clarifying your liabilities and revenue, and another displaying in-house transaction balances, including opening, ongoing, and closing balances. 

How to understand the Summary Report Dashboard

  1. Deposits Card

Balance brought forward

This is the opening balance of the total value of realised and unrealised deposits recorded in the RoomRaccoon system for the day selected before movements like refunds impact the balance. 


The total value of deposits (pre-payments) that were received by the hotel today.


The total value of deposits (pre-payments) that have been refunded today.

Deposits Movement

The total value of the recognised deposits that have been transferred to revenue upon guest check-in.

  1. In-House Card

Balance brought forward

This is the total value of the revenue balance (a negative or a positive) brought forward from the previous day. This is determined by the closing of daily revenue.

Daily revenue
Your closing balance of the total transactions converted to revenue for the day (income). This is determined upon closing daily revenue.


This is the total value of refunds made for guests who are currently in-house (checked-in).


This is the total value of the outstanding payments that guests owe to the hotel. This value is pushed to the debtors ledger in the accounting system upon generation of invoice for the guest, and later matched up with a payment number.

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