How Do I Increase Direct Bookings

Modified on Thu, 10 Nov 2022 at 03:03 PM

As a hotelier, you want to be able to channel more direct bookings because this not only creates brand salience but significantly reduces costs towards OTA commissions.

RoomRaccoon offers a booking engine where guests can book directly saving you time, effort and commission. 

Tips to help you increase direct bookings

  • Invest in a good website. Your website is your business card, the website should instantly convince the booker through visual imagery, branding and easy usability. 

  • Invest in good photos and make sure the texts are attractive.

  • Translate your booking engine. The hospitality industry is highly globalised and providing translation gives you a more global reach while making guests more comfortable with a language they are more familiar with.  

  • Offer a discount for direct bookers. You can choose to have lower rates or offer certain services including a welcome drink, for example. 

  • You can offer a discount code for direct bookers on your website or other media to prevent OTAs (online travel agents) from complaining about price differences in the offer. 

  • You can also add the discount code in your post-departure email and this not only promotes returning guests but more direct bookings too.


Good to know

  • Investing in a good website - For an added cost, RoomRaccoon offers a website builder and you can build an amazing website in a few minutes.

  • Channel direct bookings through Facebook - Guests can use the “book now” sticker on their hotel or lodge Facebook page to make direct bookings. Click here to connect your Facebook page to your direct booking engine.