How to Deactivate Google Hotel Ads

Modified on Fri, 11 Nov 2022 at 11:13 AM

Once you’ve activated your Google Hotel Ads account and would like to unsubscribe from the service you will need to reach RoomRaccoon support and request deactivation from Google Hotel Ads.

To deactivate Google Hotel Ads

  1. Simply notify us that you want to opt-out by opening a new ticket requesting a deactivation.

  1. Once we’ve received your request RoomRaccoon will disconnect your property from Google Hotel Ads.

  1. RoomRaccoon will send you a confirmation of your deactivation.

Good to know

  • Please be aware it takes up to 7 days for Google to deactivate the connection, which means that in this period, reservations can still be generated.

  • Please also note that future reservations are still commissionable.