Booking Engine Hacks

Modified on Mon, 14 Nov 2022 at 10:19 AM

You can use hacks on your booking engine link so that you have a combination of select room types and discount codes showing. To do this you’ll have to connect and configure a few parameters on your URL.

If you want to show a set of rooms add the following to the end of your URL

?roomTypes=35450 (the numbers after the = is the room type code you can find in the URL of the room types)

?coupon=VRO3GBO3KVOORDEEL (this will directly show the coupon discount when clicking on the full link)

?dateStart=2021-02-14&dateEnd=2021-02-17 (this will directly show the date selected)


How to show multiple room types?

  • If the hotel has multiple room types, for example 5 or 6 different room types, and they only want to show 2 of them in the Booking Engine.

  • You can manipulate the URL by adding the different numbers of the room types and divide them by a comma. ?roomTypes=35450,35451. Etc..


How to combine room specific and a coupon code?

  • Replace the ? for the second parameter with a “&” ?roomTypes=35450&coupon=VRO3GBO3KVOORDEEL